Happiness Journal

I had dinner with a good friend of mine after a mountain bike ride the other night. He was telling me about a woman he had dated once who kept a journal of everything bad that ever happened to her. He said it helped contribute to the angry person she had become. So he endeavored to do the opposite and write down all the good things that happened…especially the little things that could easily be forgotten, like dinner with good friends after a mountain bike ride. At the end of the year, he looks back at the pages, then he tears them out and throws them away. Why? He says he likes to think fondly of the past but not live in it. He prefers to live in the present. I decided to start my own Happiness Journal today and it started with dinner with a good friend over beer and laughs after a lovely mountain bike ride. But I plan to keep the pages. For me, the challenges in life are easy enough to remember. It’s the happy moments that I want to remember.